SINGLE REVIEW :: Momma's Boy "Sugar"

Momma’s Boy - “Sugar”

Released on Manor Records (digital) May 21st, 2019.

“…and so, standing outside your apartment door still facing it, still not even sure you want to go out, you commit. You lock the door; your nerves and keys jangle -- you take a deep breath and wish you could keep it. You turn to leave, and the new neighbor's at the end of the hall under that goddamn fluorescent (is it greener than usual?). Your eyes meet and the whole building slows down. The drums drop in from everywhere, and then the music: Sugar, the new Momma's Boy track. It's the end of May, but you know June's gonna sparkle. The whole summer, even.”


Watch the single video made by Jared Bajkowski HERE

Mixed by:: Ross Brown / Mastered by: Mike Nolte

Kitten Boggs

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