Manor Fest 3 is right around the corner. Skylar wanted you all to get to know some of our out of town acts. Here is her interview with Charlotte Bumgarner of Tulsa. Charlotte is playing Day 3 of Manor Fest at our Stray Cat Film Center stage alongside R.I.Peter, Forest Porridge, & Chloe Jacobson. 3-Day passes available here!

Skylar :: Give KC some background in who you are. How have you gotten to where you are as an artist?

Charlotte :: I’m a singer/songwriter born and raised in Tulsa. I’ve been playing local shows for about 2-3 years solo and about 1 year with my band Graveyard Party. Music has always been super important to me, especially quiet music. I was hesitant to play shows at first because of how soft my music is. I was afraid people wouldn’t be interested, or would talk over me. I have had an overwhelming amount of support that made me quickly realize, other people love and appreciate sad/soft music too! I’m also a big feminist and I try to integrate that into my songwriting and my footprint in the scene in general. It’s always hard for me to describe the sound of my music but I would say emo singer/songwriter that’s kind of folky? If that makes sense.

Skylar :: What made you want to pursue music?

Charlotte :: Like I said, music has always been important to me. Nothing has ever made me feel the way songwriting/performing/music in general makes me feel. Music connects people from all over the world and I knew I had to be a part of it.

Skylar :: Describe the music scene in Tulsa. Likes/dislikes?

The tulsa music scene is interesting. I have many booking/band friends who have been very supportive and kind but just like any scene, there’s still some misogynistic assholes unfortunately. I wish there were more permanent DIY spaces. Cool ones come and go but not many stay around for long, (I guess that’s how it always is with DIY venues.) I have close circle of friends in bands in Tulsa and it’s been really fun to watch them grow. It can be hard sometimes dealing with the male dominance in the scene but I deal with it.

Skylar :: Tell us about your most recent show and/or release.

Charlotte :: My most recent show was with Maddie Razook and Spinster in Norman for Spinster’s album release. It meant a lot to me to play with two artists I really admire and to not be the only female/non binary artist on the bill! I absolutely loved this show. Everyone was respectful during the quiet sets which can be rare to find, and it was just a fun environment.

Skylar :: (Just for funzies) What’s your spirit animal and why?

Charlotte :: I love deer and bats I can’t choose!

Give a listen to Charlotte here then come see her at the fest!