Manor Fest 3 is right around the corner. Skylar wanted you all to get to know some of our out of town acts. Here is her interview with The Golden Fleece of Illinois. The Golden Fleece is playing Day 2 of Manor Fest at our Hickory Union Moto stage alongside Scruffy & the Janitors, Drugs & Attics, & The Sluts. 3-Day passes available here!

Skylar :: Give KC some background in who you are. How have you gotten to where you are as an artist?

The Golden Fleece :: We are The Golden Fleece from Peoria, Illinois. We all met while in culinary school at Illinois Central College. After long days in the kitchen, a lot of us would hang around banging on pots and pans. For a while we had a monthly kitchen drum circle where everyone could only use items found in the kitchen to use as their drum. The four of us realized we gravitated towards the same kind of music and decided to take things outside of the kitchen and try jamming on real instruments. After a year or so of playing together, we all decided to drop out of culinary school to shift our focus on making music.

Skylar :: What made you want to pursue music?

The Golden Fleece :: With our culinary background, we found a lot of similarities in the musical world. We found that making a song was a lot like making a complicated dish. It took time, preparation, patience, and team work. Since cooking had given us this same kind of satisfaction before, we now found it even more gratifying creating a piece of music and being able to “cook” it in front of people each night at a show. I think that’s what keeps us pursuing music, the feeling of seeing someone fully enjoy a beautiful meal you’ve prepared for them.

Skylar :: Describe the music scene in Peoria. Likes/dislikes?

The Golden Fleece :: The music scene in Illinois is an interesting one. I’d say what I like most about it is people’s willingness to attend multi genre shows.

If I had to pick something I disliked about the Illinois music scene is the lack of music and food coming together at shows. I’ve been to shows in other states where there were chefs making amazing food on stage in between bands, which is something I’ve never seen in Illinois.

Skylar :: Tell us about your most recent show and/or release.

The Golden Fleece :: Our most recent release was our new album, Mind Mirror, which came out in April on Goldbird Recordings.

Skylar :: (Just for funzies) What’s your spirit animal and why?

The Golden Fleece :: Hmmmmm... I believe our spirit animal would be our bald bassist, but if he had hair. Long, curly, voluminous hair.

Give a listen to The Golden Fleece here then come see them at the fest!

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