Here is Skylar’s take on the recently self-released EP “Disinformation Blues” EP by Chase the Horseman.

STREAM HERE! Then catch the band at Day 3 of Manor Fest 3 at Brewery Emperial.

“Chase the Horseman’s new EP, “Disinformation Blues”, is more than monotonous melodies intended to be background music half-heard in bars. Beginning with “Happy Happy New Year!”, an air of nostalgia can be found amongst the reflective synthesizers, forlorn brass, and the chiming of bells; as if to ring in new memories, while still reflecting on the old. Filled to the brim with emblazoned emotion, his vocals force us to reflect on the passage of time, what was, and what could have been. Beginning with determined drums, “Disinformation Blues” sheds a much needed light on the hate present in today’s world. With meticulously honest lyricism and shimmering musicality, he conveys feelings of hopeless dysphoria that come with observing such ignorant malevolence. Teeming with captivating rhythm and intriguing guitar riffs, the theme of imminent doom is carried over into “Duck and Cover”. Striking samples of 1950’s nuclear bomb shelter videos transition smoothly into a playful instrumental that prominently lingers in your memory long after the song ends. Rich with purpose, your ears will welcome every word. It’s evident moving into the fourth and last song on the EP that we are coming to an end. Radiating a lull-like essence, “Sleep Slow, Dream Sweet” indubitably exhibits the sheer magnitude of his ethereal choral talent. Holding long, compelling wistful notes, he leaves with a sense of ambiguous closure as impending synthesizers gradually fade out. This multifaceted EP has a message to deliver. Turn the volume up and listen.”

Skylar Rochelle

Manor Blog Contributor & Teammate

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