EP REVIEW :: R.I.Peter's Self-Titled EP

R.I.Peter - Self-Titled EP

Released on Manor Records (digital) July 5th, 2019.

“Hot on the heels of his single “Spring (Is Gonna Come)”, R.I.Peter (Peter Beatty of Momma’s Boy) drops his self-titled EP, a shimmering scorcher thats A-side runs hotter than this blazing summer. His guitar work is subtle, yet impeccable. Opener “Day in the Sun” lets his soft tenor float over a drum machine; a punch-drunk delivery soaring in the sky ever closer to that great light. It’s sweet and bitter just like his lyrics proclaim; a synthesizer radiating his final crescendo. “Lord of the Mountain” adds a funky bounce to the EP; this may be his day in the sun after all. He has no reason to hide his confidence and the swagger on the track is punctuated with a roaring guitar underneath it. Peppered throughout are instrumental tracks accompanying us on the journey til we get to “Spring (Is Gonna Come)” with its gentle strum and Beatty’s harmonies cooing a promise of rebirth, but hinting at something sinister. A strong EP to showcase his solo work; even brighter days are on the horizon.”


Mixed by:: Jared Bajkowski / Mastered by: Ross Brown

Nathan Cardiff

Manor Blog Contributor

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