Here is Quinn’s take on the recently self-released EP “So Long Partner” by bigfatcat.

“bigfatcat. A female three piece of angelic voices and musical attitude showcase their sound in their debut EP “So Long Partner” A wide variety of instrumentation that lets focus be brought to lyricism and the movement of the sound itself. With a voice that shines like Angel Olsen, but punches like Patti Smith to get a point across of, “This has gone bad, and I know it”. “Hold It” has the power of a lo-fi pop song that’s lyrics move with the rhythms, creating emotion both musically and vocally with that special sense of raw recording production that bigfatcat accomplished themselves in home. A song that lyrically expresses not caring about a past lover not only in words but the way the music is arranged and recorded. “Western Lemonade” demonstrates a more experimental upbeat song that crafts synths, layers, and upbeat Drum machine based rhythm. Leaving motion in the hips and a bob in the neck. A more melancholy track “So Long” speaks to a side of yearning that only a specific someone can help cure. Sympathizing with the human feeling of wanting another and the susceptibility of them leaving anyways. The layered harmonies bring that sense home as they gently lay on top of an acoustic guitar. Through out the entirety of the EP a shared experience is had. An “almost thing” that soured. Something all of us find a sense of vulnerability in, but relatable in more ways than one. Give in and listen.”


Quinn Hernandez

Manor Blog Contributor

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Shaun Crowley