Manor Records proudly presents Manor Fest 3.

Aug 1st - 3rd Ft.

Paul Cherry / Mouton / Shy Boys / Dreamgirl

Drugs & Attics / The Phlegms / Momma's Boy / Shady Bug

The Golden Fleece / The Sluts / Pale Tongue / The Cavves

The Wild Type / LK Ultra / Buckle Up Baby / Toughies

Chloe Jacobson / Scruffy & the Janitors / Chase The Horseman

Bambi's / Mild Cats / FACEFACE / R. I. Peter / BIGWATER

Mason Blaize / Forest Porridge / Khrystal. / No Magic

Charlotte Bumgarner / Dylan Pyles

Day 1 : Westport

Mills Record Company

Sponsored by : Struggle Pretty Productions

The Riot Room (patio)

Sponsored by : Melted Magazine


Sponsored by : Oddities Prints

Day 2 : West Bottoms

Blip Roasters

Sponsored by : Fine Dining Productions

Hickory Union Moto

Sponsored by : I Heart Local Music

Doghaus (house venue)

Sponsored by : TAPE DAD

Day 3 : Crossroads

Stray Cat Film Center

Sponsored by : HearQueer

Brewery Emperial

Sponsored by : French Exit Records


Sponsored by : Petri Productions


Festival background...

Manor Fest 3 is the third installment of a DIY music festival put on by Manor Records. The first two festivals were hosted at the previous house venue that inspired the label, The Shawnee Manor. Featuring upwards to 10 bands a night in an old basement, the house could not hang on forever. Ever since, Manor Records has been aiming at bring the festival to Kansas City. Manor Fest 3 will feature a different area of the city with each night in our favorite traditional and non-traditional venues. Night one being Westport, night two West Bottoms, and night three in the Crossroads. The lineup will consist of local and regional musicians and artists of various genres. Full lineup, sponsorship info, ticket sales, & venue announcement coming in June.

flier by:: Sam Hernandez


fest flier.jpg
Shaun Crowley